Lord I and II IGMS and Old Newsletters
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All listed Igms work on the Current RELEASE of LORD.

Barak's House Version 2.02

Baraks House

Barak's House lets your users pal around with "Barak" a character in Legend Of The Red Dragon. Hit funny antics will keep you in stitches - But watch out for his crazy mother! The ORIGINAL lord igm.

The Changeling Version 2.00
The Changeling

-= The Changeling v2.0 Final - Lord IGM =- Visit the Changeling and see if you can survive to reap the rewards. Contains executable of main program compiled with Kdrive doorkit v7.2 & Angel doorkit v1.0

Fireside Chat Version 1.01
Fireside Chat

Registration Name : Great Sysop
BBS Name : Freeware Copy
Your registration code : 119GAC1004
Registration code for future versions: 0K10ZWDURJTF40L793FP

Fireside Chat 1.01 (tm) IGM by G.A.C. Computer Services. MULTINODE REAL-TIME user chat by the fireside. Allows users to chat with each other EVEN IF THEY ARE IN DIFFERENT LORD GAMES! Support for all BBSs and comm routines LORD supports, original ANSI art, RIP, chat actions. NO MODIFICATIONS, just multi-lord game chat! Players can page another player in ANY lord game from the fireside. Works with Major BBS Correctly!

InterLord Version 3.00

Inter-LORD Inter-BBS Gaming for LORD by G.A.C. Computer Services provides an easy to use Inter-BBS option for LORD. NOW USES BRE HOST style of routing system and does not need to find the .MSG files. It has many advanced features, many ANSI graphics, RIP, lots of user interaction, and solid game play. Major upgrade, new features, and all reported bugs have been released. More additions are coming soon!

The Latrine Version 3.2
The Latrine

You have to remember to Potty even when playing L.O.R.D. Although it is a Bathroom, there is a lot more, now with even MORE cheetcodes for your users to find out.

The Lottery Version 2.01
The Lottery

Try you hand at winning the lottery. Pick 1, pick 3, and the big payout, pick 6. Win up to $10 million! Total rewrite to get it to today's standards.

The MoshPit Version 2.00
The Moshpit

The Moshpit 32 Bit

The MoshPit simulates all the blood, sweat, and tears of a real concert! Are you ready to mosh with the big boys? Low Impact IGM. Also the FIRST 32 Bit IGM by Vagabond Software

Summers Shiny Things Version 2.0
Summers Shiny Things

Sommer's Shiny Things v2.0 a LORD IGM. **Freeware** Written by: Shawn 'Tiny' Highfield Recompiled and Updated by Vagabond Software.

Realm of Vanadia Series of Inter-IGMs.
All these Igms work with each other to make one BIG other place. Also will work in conjunction with Interlord

Vanadia's Arena of Warriors Version 2.00
Vanadia's Arena of Warriors

The first IGM in the Realm of Vanadia Series of Inter-IGMs. MULTINODE REAL-TIME user battles and chat in the Inter-IGM arena, support for all BBSs and comm routines LORD supports, original ANSI art, RIP, hundreds of NPCs and chat actions. Will launch the other 5 IGMs in the series and Inter-LORD if present.

Banda's Boardinghouse of Vanadia Version 2.00
Banda's Boardinghouse of Vanadia

Users may explore the large Boardinghouse, play some great ANSI poker, bet on the cock fights, write on the wall, explore upstairs, meet a date, dance, battle, or visit the Gypsy Trailer where they may curse other users, learn their fate, and spy. Has RIP Support, archives for the artwork.

The Gypsy Camp of Vanadia Version 2.00
The Gypsy Camp of Vanadia

Users may visit with the gypsies, receive readings, explore vast caves, meet a powerful sorceress, navigate a river, try knife throwing, find the snake den, buy and sell items found in the caverns, store gold and gems in the caverns and MUCH MORE! RIP support and Part of The Realm of Vanadia Series of IGMs!

The Haunted Forests of Vanadia Version 2.00
The Haunted Forests of Vanadia

The Haunted Forest is a vast maze for users to explore. There are many new monsters, and they can even create their own to inhabit the forest. They can find fairies in a cave (if they are lucky), meet the hermit, learn spells and go on quests for the enchantress. There are many secrets to be discovered and lots to do. ANSI & RIP support.

Shepley's Distractions of Vanadia Version 2.00
Shepley's Distractions of Vanadia

Shepley is an odd little man, but he enjoys playing games. Pay a gem and get to play a few of his 15 games. Games of all types; Card Games, Number Games, Animations, and Word Games. Most of them have never been seen before! An excellent distraction from your typical LORD day!

The Medieval Tournament of Vanadia Version 2.00
The Medieval Tournament of Vanadia

Eight unique and addictive ANSI Arcade Games provide the basis for the tournament. Become the best in your realm and receive a bonus for the day! Your users have never seen an IGM like this before! This IGM is excellent for Inter-LORD, and has support that will allow blind callers using voice terminals to play all the games!! Simply the best yet!

Lord 2 "Igms"
These are for the Current Release of Lord II

Season's O3 For Lord 2 Version 1.0
Season's O3 For Lord 2

This is my First and last LORD 2 IGM. Robby Dittmann and I finished it and released it. This is the contuation of Ken Weitzel's Season for Lord I. You are walking towards Jack's Restraunt when you notice a half way house for runaway kids, will you go in, what is in store for you. This is a Christmas theme that is meant to bring goodwill to all.

Igm News Letters
Although I was the author of the IGM Newsletter, I am not going to do any more.

Note - All of the Address and Links in these Newsletters are not Proven to work, These are posted exactly as they were sent out, with just minor corrections. If you want to go to a link or write mail you can, but no corrections will be made to these

Lord IGM Authors Newsletter's Volume 1 in Text format

Lord IGM Authors Newsletter's Volume 2 in Text format

These are zip files that contain all the above mentioned Newsletters in one zip archive, that you can download and read on your own time.